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Please stop by my shop to find safe Cleaning products, Bath & Body products, and Nutritional Supplements.

Andrea’s Shop

You can also find links to Partner stores under the More Products tab to places, such as:

Discount Tires

JC Whitney

Home Depot

Northern Tool & Equipment

1-800 Pet Meds


Bass Pro Shops


Each product purchase or purchase through a link to one of the partner stores helps us to reach our personal goals of….. Building more Goat Fencing, building a Goat Barn, adding a Chicken Coop, allowing us to cut down our hours at our 9-5 jobs, etc….

We want to be able to focus more on our land and family and less in a traditional setting.  Please bookmark my store and consider shopping through the links when you are doing your day to day shopping or looking for gifts for the holidays!


***One of the reasons we homestead is due to our love of independence and self-sufficiency.  What a better way to ensure your independence than to work towards your personal goals on your own timeline to meet your goals!  If this sounds like something you’re interested in, check out this page to learn more about it!  I would love nothing more than to help you achieve your own goals while being true to your homesteading spirit!