Welcome to Hog Creek Homestead!

I’m excited you’ve decided to drop by!  Join me as I share the talents of my husband and my families’ that have been passed along to us as we were growing up.  This project is dedicated to our Grandparents and their generation.

My husband and I appreciate many of the traditional homesteading skills that both our families relied on.  We enjoy the smells of homemade bread and pies, the bounties of the gardens, and the satisfaction of a hard days work.  We try to live frugally as much as we can – it’s always a work in progress!

We’ll walk through many of the skills our families have shared but will point out time-saving tips whenever possible to adapt to today’s conveniences.  Balance is important in all we do, be it balance in our careers, our hobbies, or, our lifestyle.  While homesteading can be all consuming, we think it’s important to pay homage to our upbringing and yet, benefit from advances in technologies.

I will reference much of the material and share those sources with you so you can do additional research on topics as you see fit.  I want you to feel confident that you are getting solid advice, consistent with best practice.  Certainly, I will share what I’ve found works best and please feel free to share your experiences as well!  The community has always driven homesteading!

I will also recommend items that will make your projects go smoothly and tips that we’ve discovered through trial and error.  You will see links to products if there’s something we personally use or think that it would be the cat’s meow if we had the opportunity to use it!

Thank you for visiting!  We hope you enjoy what you find and please feel free to comment!

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