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Goat Maintenance Calendar

Raising Healthy goats for milk, breeding, or market requires following a plan to ensure appropriate care is provided at the right time. The calendar in the link below is set up to help the breeder determine appropriate times to complete each task based on desired kidding windows. The items included in this calendar may vary based on your location and on your personal experiences that guide your personal breeding plan. To use this calendar, simply enter the desired kidding date and all items will automatically populate.

Goat Maintenance Calendar

**In addition to utilizing this calendar, it is critical that Daily Monitoring occur to ensure your animals remain healthy!**

Are they eating?

Are they drinking?

Is there a change in personality?

What do their eyes look like?

Active, continuous assessments will help you to catch problems early. Goats change status rapidly, you must be prepared to recognize an issue and take a course of action immediately. If you are new to goats, you will not know what each symptom is but recognizing there is an issue is your first line of action. From here, you can consult the web, contact your mentor, and/or your veterinarian. Yes, I recommend consulting the web, provided you source a reputable site or are prepared to review many sites to determine the most likely issue and course of action. Do not wait for something to “get better”. You need to act on what you find quickly.

Click to download:

Goat Maintenance Calendar


Boer Goat Kid

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