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Handmade Gifts

Homespun gifts are one of the most delightful and unique gifts to receive.  Whether its a drawing, an upcycled frame, or a pan of brownies, someone took the time to create something just for you.  This year, I asked for either handmade gifts or something that’s already had a previous life.  I’m excited to see what they come up with!

Here are a few handmade gifts that I’ve been working on this year.

Limoncello Batch


This is a fantastic liqueur that my husband & I enjoyed while on a trip to Boston.  We spent an evening in the North End, the Italian District and enjoyed this as a digestif in a quaint tavern on our way back to our hotel.

I recommend using organic lemons or working hard to remove the wax from regular lemons and use care to remove all the pith from the lemon peels.  Once your limoncello is ready, pour into flip top bottles and add a label.


Chocolate Liqueur

Here is another smooth sipping spirit.  You may not think so when you see the ingredients, but it mellows with a little bit of time and could also be used in some of your favorite cocktails or even on ice cream.

As with the limoncello, bottle in glass flip tops, label and share with your besties.


Rag Rug

I’m in the midst of a rag rug project.  I’m cutting the strips right now and am using the denim you see in the picture.  I haven’t decided if I’ll crochet or braid at this time.  Since I’m using a heavy material, I’m leaning towards braiding.  I think it will be nice to have a tight finished product.  Here are links to the two techniques so you can choose which will be the best for your project.




Pink | Bath Bombs | LUSH

Bath bombs

My daughter is all about bath bombs.  We stopped at LUSH in the Mall of America and were amazed by the selection of bath bombs.  They were beautiful and smelled wonderful!  She picked out several and then made them last as long as she could.  You can make your own bath bombs and share with those who would enjoy some pampering!




Pictures from / – links below

Treats in a Jar

I always love how these jars look.  The layered ingredients are so inviting!  These jars are nice to have on hand to make a convenient meal or treat.  There’s nothing better than gifting something that is both beautiful and a time-saver!





I hope you enjoy your Christmas season!  Please be sure to take some time for yourself.  Sometimes having a little project like the ones listed here are the perfect excuse for a little peace and quiet in the midst of the hustle and bustle.  Not only will you have a few moments to yourself, but also a perfect gift for someone special!  Enjoy and let me know what projects you are working on!!



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